How to Play Sakura School Simulator? Beginners to Pro Level Guide

Sakura School Simulator is a game that can be played online with a gameplay style similar. Sakura School Simulator is the story of a high school student who attends a school called Sakura Town.

There are many things you can do in the game Sakura School Simulator. For example, you can research Sakura Town, communicate with other people and get married in the game.

In this 2022 guide, we will tech you how to play Sakura School Simulator to become a pro player, starting with how to change characters, change clothes and go to different places. However, you must already have the ID Sakura School Simulator to do these three things.

The player can also be a diligent student. The method is very easy. In other words, to raise the highest rank so that you can be the best student.

How to Play Sakura School Simulator game in 2022?

The Sakura School Simulator game has a fairly extensive storyline and even in this game you can get married on any date you want, just like in real life. Players interested in this awesome game can download it for free on their Android or iOS device.

For new users/beginners or if you’re still curious about Sakura School Simulator but still don’t understand how to play, you should read this guide till the end.

Change characters

You will automatically become a female character from the start of the Sakura School Simulator game. If you want to change your character to a male character, please refer to the method below.

  • Open the game. Sakura School Simulator
  • Open Sakura School Simulator Game
  • Then enter the clothing selection menu.
  • Character change 1
  • After that, in the lower left corner there is an image called Character Change.
  • Character change is complete.

Talk to other characters

It is very simple to approach another character you want to talk to and press the chat button. Choose what you want to say to your character. Talk about how to play Sakura School Simulator.

Beat other characters

You can even fight in Sakura school game if you are one them who love crime. The trick is to press the button or hit the attack button with a picture of a hand in your hand.

However, Sakura School game is not familiar with the term death. If the player hits another character, the character cannot die. The thing is that you can be stunned and wake up with hatred for the player.

Make friends with other characters

Being friends with classmates is very natural. Because by building a good relationship, you can ask for help from a friend you already know. Players can manage the relationships they will live with other people, including making lovers.

When you talk to other people, they may also respond to your conversation or ignore you. These conversations can make other people attracted to or like other people in the player It’s fun or You are handsome.

Want to change clothes?

In the Sakura school simulator game, players are provided with many clothes and accessories that they can use freely for free. There are school clothes, ninja clothes, and fairy clothes.

It’s free, but this shirt can only be used if unlocked or if the player has unlocked the outfits and accessories provided. Please refer to the method below for changing clothes.

  • Open the game. Sakura School Simulator
  • Then choose Choose Clothing from the menu section of the lobby.
  • After that, the player can choose which outfit or outfit to use.
  • Change your clothes in 1 way to play Sakura School Simulator.
  • To open a costume that is still locked, simply click on it and wait for the ad to finish. The costume is then the player’s property for free.
  • Change clothes
  • When you’re done, return to the lobby and select Load Game to continue the game.

Want to See another place?

If you want to get somewhere else, you can use the jetpack vehicle by walking or pressing the jetpack button. Sakura School Simulator players can also quickly navigate to different locations by pressing the menu button. You can then choose a place to visit in the travel area.

How to complete a mission?

In addition to school activities in Sakura School Simulator game, the game also has missions to complete. To view the missions, simply press the button with the trophy icon with the word mission written on it.

You will then be presented with a list of missions that need to be completed, with several missions, for example learning ballet, playing a roller coaster and, most importantly, defeating the leader of the yakuza. In addition to this, there are many play other missions you will see.

Learn something new in the School

Following the theme of this game, you can go to school in the morning to take lessons and communicate with your classmates.

Currently there is no Indonesian game setting in Sakura School Simulator game. This means you can only use English or Japanese. Therefore, we recommend you to learn English or Japanese so that they can really understand how to play Sakura School Simulator.

Please note:

In addition to how to play, you need to pay attention to the network connection when playing Sakura School Simulator to avoid any problems while playing the game.


When playing Sakura school games, players can play the game to make friends or complete missions. But players can also get married and have families. So this is our review on how to play Sakura School Simulator. Hopefully, the above discussion the game can share can help novice players better understand the Sakura School Simulator game. Hope you find it useful.

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