How to Leave Crew in PUBG Mobile 2022

The creators also got tons of new highlights and missions for players. However, some players have had many inquiries. Some players are looking for ways to leave Crew in PUBG Mobile.

There is a brief educational walkthrough in the PUBG multipurpose application itself that will teach you the best way to leave your Crew in PUBG Portable. But if you can’t really solve it, we’ve put in place a simple procedure that leaves the crew versatile in PUBG.


1. If you are the leader of your crew, you cannot leave the crew until you appoint a new leader for your crew.
2. If there are no remaining members in the crew, the crew will be disbanded.
3. If a friend tries to invite you to a crew while there is already a crew, you will not receive an invitation request.

How to Leave Crew in PUBG Mobile 2022

To leave your current organization, follow these steps:

Method 1:

  • Click on the crew menu
  • Click on Membership Options
  • Click the broken shield next to the clan name.
  • If you are a clan leader, click the gear icon.
  • Then confirm exit on the pop-up screen.
  • If you are the leader of an organization, you should appoint a new leader before you leave.

Method 2:

  • Tap the ‘Crew‘ option at the bottom left of the lobby screen
  • Tap your profile ‘avatar
  • Tap ‘Leave Crew‘.

Why you cannot leave Crew?

Causes of PUBG crew logout failure: The Crew PUBG Mobile’s ordinances locked above seem easy, but there are players who complain that they don’t. Of course, this is usually caused by a number of factors, whether due to a technical error or the player’s negligence.

Failure or inability to get out of this crew is commonly experienced by players when they want to hide their PUBG popularity. So, to avoid these failures, you need to be aware of several causes:

  • You have not updated your PUBG application to the latest version.
  • The PUBG game has a problem with the device (crash).
  • PUBG server is down.
  • PUBG developers are performing maintenance or maintenance (maintenance) of the application.
  • Internet network connection is poor or unstable.

Benefits of Crew:

The main benefit of having and joining a crew right now ( in 2022) is the Crew Chat which can be accessed from the game lobby. You can see which crew members are online and easily coordinate matches. Other than crew chat, no other benefits have been added in-game yet.

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So, once the game’s description of how to leave the PUBG crew is complete with terms and conditions for both Android and iOS. We hope that the above information will be used as a reference when leaving the PUBG crew in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add team members in PUBG?

Clicking the Recruit crew button will automatically open a list of game friends you can invite to the crew.

Did PUBG get rid of the crew?

Crew functions will be upgraded and are being maintained. Expect to return in v1. 3.0.

How to change my name?

For the longest time, you couldn’t. There is no built in game way to change the name after setting it. Fortunately, after a series of updates, we’ve added renaming cards, a way to rename them once a day! Here’s how it works:

  • On the main menu open the app to the home screen.
  • Select Inventory from the bottom menu.
  • Tap the box icon on the right.
  • Tap the Rename card (if any) and tap Redeem.
  • Enter a new name and press OK. You can only change the name once per day.

How to get a name change card?

Well, you probably already have some! They are provided as rewards for leveling up, and some were provided as free rewards when features were released.

Those with no luck will have to pay 180UC to buy one rename card in the store. That’s about $5 depending on where you are in the world. You can also earn a small amount of UC by increasing your Royale Pass tier each season.

How do I win the PUBG Crew Challenge?

  • Choose a game mode based on your play style.
  • Loot First Engage later.
  • Don’t fall victim to a gun you don’t use often.
  • Be creative and outdo your opponents.
  • Use smoke and stun grenades.

How do you do the Crew Challenge in PUBG Season 14?

Go to Crew Challenge at the bottom right of the screen. There must be a time counter in the Crew Challenge lobby at match time that says Room closes in X minutes. Within X hours, the crew leader must recruit players from the registered crew and start the game. Then click to start the match.

Can emulator players play the crew challenge?

Well, you can do a crew challenge in PUBG using the emulator. For fair play, you can only play with players who use the emulator. Getting caught in the game using the emulator may result in disqualification of the entire crew.

How are Crew Points earned in PUBG?

Teams can play up to 12 matches in the first round of the preliminary challenge. Teams are ranked by tallying the performance of the top 8 matches. For each win, each team gets 500 points per match and each kill counts as 15 points.

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