How to Get Free Download Music on an iPhone

You can no longer find free music on iTunes, but you can listen to music for free from a variety of sources. Because there are many free streaming services, you can listen to music on the go without paying anything. You can also convert YouTube videos to audio files or download music files online elsewhere.

Step by step guide to how to get free music on your iPhone 2021

1) Find the song you want to download to YouTube on your computer. You can not easily download YouTube videos from your iPhone, but you can use your computer to download music from YouTube with just a few clicks.
You can convert all YouTube videos to music files, songs, remixes, and other audio files that can be played on your iPhone.
2) Copy the address of the video you want to convert to an audio file. Copy the full address of the video from your browser’s address bar.
Open the YouTube Downloader site. This site takes YouTube videos and converts them to MP3 and video files that can be played on your computer and iPhone. Popular sites include:
3) Paste the Youtube video URL into the field on the downloader site. Paste the address into the text field on the video downloader site. This is usually at the center of the page.
4) Paste the link and click the “Download” button. Click the Download button. Many sites contain ads that do not look like download buttons.
5) Please choose an audio-only link to download. You can find multiple links, including video and audio-only links. You can usually find MP3, M4A, and AAC links. All three formats are supported in iTunes, so you can choose any format. Use this link to download audio files to your computer.
Give the file name a recognizable name so you know which song it is. The default file name is usually not clear.
6) After you download all the songs, open iTunes. Once you’ve downloaded the songs you want to send to your iPhone, you can open iTunes to add them to your library and sync them.
8) Add downloaded songs to your iTunes library. Click the “Music” button and then drag and drop the audio file into the iTunes window. This will add the file to your iTunes library.
9) Sync music files to iPhone. Once music files are added to your iTunes library, you can sync music files with your iPhone using a USB cable or Wi-Fi connection.
USB – Connect iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. It appears at the top of the iTunes window. Select all the files you just added in iTunes and start dragging. The iPhone appears in the sidebar on the left side of the window. To start syncing new music files to the iPhone, drop it on your iPhone.
Wi-Fi – Make sure Wi-Fi sync is enabled by connecting iPhone via USB and selecting “Sync with iPhone via Wi-Fi” in the summary screen. You can then disconnect your iPhone and sync it over Wi-Fi wirelessly. You need to connect to the same wireless network as your computer, but you do not need a USB. When you drag and drop music files from iTunes to iPhone, the files are copied.
Apple Music – Apple Music subscribers can add music files to the iCloud Music Library. Make sure you’re signed in to the iTunes program with your Apple ID, and that “iCloud Music Library” is enabled in the Preferences menu. iTunes uploads the local library to the iCloud Music Library, which can be accessed from any connected device, including iPhone.

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