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Cortana APK Download Latest Version Occasionally busy people need to perform multitasking tasks on their phones. This activity will certainly consume effort when it is not done effectively.

Download the latest version of Cortana APK

Well, Cortana’s latest APK (2053) is a digital media designed to help busy people during critical times. Appears in the Productivity Applications category. The improvement of productivity summarizes what this application can do. It helps users to manage notifications and other important programs. The most important part of this is that the user can do this using a single button on the home screen.

About Cortana APK file

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  • ] Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Version: (2053)
  • File size: 41.5 MB
  • Loaded on December 29, 2017 11:25 AM GMT + 07
  • Prerequisite: Android 4.4+
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Review Cortana Application

When an application is announced, Cortana APK free download for Android It is designed with digital support. Due to digital support, this application can support your digital activities. We strongly recommend applications for users who trust their phone for everyday activities. Therefore, the first feature provided are digital notifications. This application requires access to the entire telephone system.

When a user grants access, their phone will detect notifications and notifications. Notify users with alerts and alerts. To access notifications, the user can touch the Cortana icon on the home screen. Provide notifications related to your activity. Notifications and notifications are not limited to specific restrictions.

We will start to notify you of your date of birth, your calendar and the promise to send you an email until the end of the day. A simple user interface allows users to access all functions more easily with a touch of the main button. The following functions are about custom functions.

Most users underestimate this custom function. The custom function allows the user to change the default button shape of the Coratana job. If you change the default shape of the button, the buttons work well with the subject of the phone. Therefore, it will not find its place and will not interfere with the visual representation.


You can enjoy all functions with a single button. Almost everything reminds the user. Disadvantages You need access to your entire telephone system. Reminders must be added manually.

How to use the Cortana application

As mentioned above, this application needs to access the system. Download the Cortana APK for free, so the initial step to ensure that it works is to grant access to this application. We recommend that you change the visual appearance of the primary button before using the features you need to provide.

Accessing this feature in the Settings section allows you to choose different colors and designs for your buttons. To add notifications to this application, the user simply has to select the Add notification function from the main button. This feature allows users to record all the content of the reminder. The last step is to add a reminder to this additional notification. Notify the user at a previously established time.

Previous versions of Cortana APK

Cortana (2037) Old APK
updated: December 29, 2017
Cortana (2026) Old APK
updated: December 16 of 2017
Cortana (2015) Old APK
updated: December 2, 2017
Cortana (2007) Old APK
updated: November 24, 2017

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