Top 10 Best Hero to Get Savage in Mobile Legends in 2022

Savage shows a player’s performance in Mobile Legends game. This savage means you can kill 5 enemies alone or with one of your teammates. Here is the list top best heroes who can easily get Savage in mobile legends. Before that let’s know a bit about Savage.

Is it easy to get Savage in Mobile Legends?

Getting Savage in Mobile Legends games is arguably difficult and easy. Because there are many obstacles that stand in your way when trying to get Savage. For example, the enemy you succeeded in escaping after you got the Maniac was killed by your teammate and killed by the enemy who survived your attack.

It turns out that this Mobile Legends game also has heroes who can easily get Savage. Nevertheless, you should have good control over your hero so that you can easily get Savage later. In this opportunity, we will introduce you to the heroes who can easily get barbarians in mobile legends.

How do you get Savage (barbarians)?

To earn Savage, you must survive as long as possible in battle. Don’t let yourself die for the first 4 minutes. Keep farming and keep developing your hero.

List of Best Hero to Get Savage in Mobile Legends in 2022:


1. Gusion

Assassin Mage Gusion is often banned in higher tier matches. This hero has a lot of blast damage and has a short skill cooldown, making it easy to get Savage.

Gusion is also the most handsome hero in Mobile legend. After entering the late game stage and securing all the key items, Gusion can immediately eliminate all 5 enemies. The writer also succeeds in getting a Savage by using Gushion in Ranked Matches. So, don’t doubt Gusion’s ability to get Savage.

2. Hanabi

Hanabi sniper has a unique ability to hit enemies of sufficiently large size. The point is that Hanabi can attack nearby enemies multiple times with just one attack, a so-called chain attack. The damage it does is also quite large, making it one of the most annoying things to do during a war.

Hanabi has the Ultimate to grab enemies, and this effect is also a chain. Imagine Hanabi is already Full Build. Then your enemies will gather and you will be easily savage.

3. Karina

Another assassin wizard, Karina, who succeeded Gusion was once popular. But now her players are starting to forget her because there are better assassin heroes out there. Karina is also one of the most beautiful hero in mobile legends.

She can easily get Savage because Karina can deal massive damage to enemies. When receiving a kill or assist, Karina’s skill cooldown is reset. So, killing the hero will help Karina get rid of her next target.

4. Cyclops

Cyclops (cyc) is a hero wizard different from other heroes. Cyclops have Harley-like traits, so they can take over the role of a Hero MM (even better if you have an MM). Cyclops are easy heroes for barbarians because of their heavy damage that kills opponents quickly.

For those who want to use CYC, we recommend using Vampire items, especially for Wizards. Also, he uses recovery magic and farms hard so that the level and items can go up quickly. Avoid gang attacks as cyc is very weak, and cooperate with your friends when you want to attack.

5. Harith

Harith is a mage hero who always gets nerfed in every patch. Harith can easily get Savage even without the Aoe skill. This is because Harith has a short skill cooldown and deals massive damage.

Also, Harith’ passive skill can reduce the crowd control effect on enemies. Thanks to this skill, Harris can face up to 5 opponents without worry.

6. Alucard

The next easy Savage ML hero is Alucard. The knight’s ability to wield this sword should not be underestimated. Alucard is a hero who often uses the Feeder when the person who uses it is wrong, but this hero’s ability is to finish all enemies in just a few seconds.

This hero’s ultimate increases Vampiric and adds damage to attacks. Alucard can also spin after jumping to deal damage over a large area, this hero can easily get Savage if used correctly.

7. Lancelot

Lancelot is a heroic assassin who immediately became a subscriber to the draft pick ban when he was released from ML. The damage from Lancelot’s attacks was unbearable before it was nerfed. Especially the second skill with over power (OP) damage and a large Lifesteal.

However, after the nerf, the secondary skill does not become OP as before, and the vampire becomes smaller. However, if the pilot is good at farming and clearing lanes, it is not impossible for Lancelot to become an OP in the nerf like before.

Lancelot’s 2nd skill has a fairly large area, deals a lot of damage, and can slow down the enemy’s movement. Not only that, the CD’s are also fast, making them perfect for battles against gathering enemies, and their ultimate with a wide range and very high damage will kill your opponents. If you haven’t died, you can pursue it with 1 skill.

8. Granger

Granger used to be the Sharpshooter King in Mobile Legends, but now Granger is a bit off. But he is still very strong. Granger’s chaos damage was still high. In particular, the ultimate is very easy to use as a finisher towards your opponent.

9. Roger

Roger is the only fighter/gunner-type hero. Previously, it was explained that all sharpshooter heroes are prone to barbarism. But this is an exception for Roger. Roger would easily become a savage when he could be a fighter hero or even a wolf.

Roger becomes a wolf and uses his secondary skill to make his cell phone easily chase a dying enemy. It is not surprising that once this hero becomes a wolf he can easily kill all enemies.

10. Fanny

Last but note the least best hero is Fanny is a special hero because she can fly with a rope. Even Fanny is the ideal hero for every ML player. She is also very mobile, so she can guard two lines at once.

Getting a barbarian using a fanny is actually easy because the damage is so great, but the hard part is controlling the hero. The three most important and essential items in Fanny are Vampire, Absorption, and Armor + HP.

Fanny is ready for war. If Fanny’s item already has or already has 3 types of items, Fanny can fight a 1vs5 hero as long as he doesn’t have a crowd control/stun hero. But she has a pilot element as well. Like it or not, 90% is up to the pilot and the rest is build and spells.


These are heroes that are easy to catch on a savage basis. With these heroes, you’ll be spoiled for choice as a specialist kill in a Mobile Legends game. The reason is that a hero with this ability can make enemies lose easily and win quickly in matches.

However, all of the above heroes depend on the pilot factor. A good pilot makes it easy to become a savage. In addition, you also have to master the levels and gold. Low level and low gold makes it difficult or impossible to become a barbarian. It all depends on how you play.

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